Guardianship acts as a form of legal protection for those incapable of making proper legal decisions for themselves, whether as a minor or incapacitated individual. A guardian is a legal agent of the person responsible for another’s medical care, education (for minors), housing, and well-being.

Guardianship of minors refers to the legal process used to protect any child under the age of 18 from neglect, abuse, or exploitation. To be made the legal guardian of a minor, requires convincing evidence that the minor needs a legal guardian and that you are suitable to act as that legal guardian.

Guardianship of incapacitated individuals consists of the legal process used to protect adults who are no longer able to care for themselves. Incapacitation may result from an illness or injury. The court will ask specific questions and require immense details about the potential guardian’s life in order to ascertain whether the individual can indeed act as a suitable guardian.

Lawsuits against guardians are unfortunately a necessity in some circumstances. Guardians hold a powerful position over a minor or an incapacitated individual. Sometimes guardians abuse that power or neglect the person they are meant to protect. If you believe a loved one falls victim to the abuse or neglect of a legal guardian, please contact the attorneys of Barber Jackson, PLLC. We will work to remove the guardian in place and help to insure your loved one is placed into loving and responsible hands.